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Opus Smed

Color Performance of a Finn

Welcome to my on-line artist’s workshop!

In this section you find the English Version of the original German Language pages. You can find some of the translated Main Menues in the corresponding Submenues in this section.

Abstracts of the remaining parts:

EZB – Pictures of The European Central Bank located in Frankfurt where I’m living. It’s always a pleasure to portray this architectural beautiful building at the river Main.

Frankfurt – Pictures of my beloved home town Frankfurt am Main

Potpourri – Collection of different painting/working genres

  • Am Anfang war der Strich – It starts with a line.
    Drafts and drawings
  • Gestalten – People
  • Unterwegs beobacht -> Noticed on one’s way
  • Freunde -> Friends
  • Selbstbildnisse -> Self-portraits
  • Familie -> Family
  • Bilder aus der Kindheit -> Remembering childhood
  • Hunde -> Dogs
  • Jahresbilder -> Annual collections pictures
  • Men at Work
    I enjoy watching „real men“ at work deeply  sensing the events happening
  • Nackte Tatsachen -> Nacked Facts
  • Objekte -> Items
    embroided bakery towels and table cloths, crocheted potholders, oven cloths, and table cloths, etc.
  • Stillleben -> Still Lifes
    containing among others Naturköstlichkeiten und vieles andere mehr -> Treasures of Nature and Lots of Other Things
  • Wildtiere -> Wild Animals

Lyrische Abstraction – Lyrical Abstraction

Jagdbetrieb – Hunting Scenes

Neues – What is new?

Kontakt – Contact form

Ex opus – Survey of some particular artistic works not any longer in my possesion

Raija Smed-Hildmann