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Born 1954 in Nothern Europe in Finland I studied microbiology in Germany in Frankfurt am Main graduating to Doctor phil. nat. I’ve worked several years in the scientifical research and industry as well as free-lance in the environmental information technology.

As long as I can remember I’ve loved drawing, oil painting and every type of handiwork. Ever since able to perform anything I’ve put color(s) in it as well. 2012 I started the formal artistic training in acryl painting at the Europäische Kunstakademie (European Academy for Fine Arts) in Trier, Germany.

Being able to perform something without any formal limitations makes me feel free. I love to compose forms using colors. I love to depict feelings and moments of perceptions by using as few strokes of the brush as possible for the right impression. Catching and witnessing the spirit of the moment, sometimes dreamfull or even surrealistic, on the other hand straight-line – I love to mix them all to amazing wild and colorful potpourri!

Raija Smed-Hildmann